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NaMe: is JELINDA s0Me cAlL m3 Jeli & 0ThErz CaLl mE J
CaMe 2 tHis cRaZy W0rLd On: jAnUaRY, 27, 1992 iM: 20
I hAvE: a BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL nAmE JENAH-LINA tHaT cAmE iN2 mY lIfE iN F3buary oF 2010 & i L0vE hEr wItH aLl oF mY H3art sHeS My EVeRyThInG <3......... iF U wAnNA kNo mOrE aBoUt ME jUsS FOLLOW & ASK ; ) o0oH & 1 M0rE tHiNg iF uR a SLUT, 2FACE, GRIMMY-BITCH, oR a FONNIE d0nT B0thEr F0LLoWiNg mE cAuSe I dOnT LIke Th0sE....... :-P